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  • HTC ST-16B 10 MHz Vertical Oscilloscope
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HTC ST-16B 10 MHz Vertical Oscilloscope

Brand: HTC Instrument

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  • Vertical Deflection Factors: 5mV-5V/div�5%; Variable Ratio: >2.5:1; Max Input Voltage: 400Vpk
  • Frequency Bandwidth (3-dB): DC: 0-10MHz AC: 10Hz-10MHz; Input Impedance: 1 M ohm 25pF
  • Horizontal Deflection Factors: Sweep Time Factor: 0.1? s/div-0.1 s/div�5%; Variable Ration: >2.5:1
  • Trigger Sensitivity: INT: 1.5div EXT: 0.3V; EXT Input Impedance: 1M? 25pF; EXT Max Input Voltage: 400Vpk; Trigger Mode Selector: INT, EXT, LINE, TV; Trigger Mode: NORM, AUTO, TV, LOCK
  • X-Y Mode Deflector Factor: 0.2V/div-0.5V/div; Frequency Bandwidth (-3dB): DC: 0-500KHz AC: 10Hz-500 KHz
  • Calibration Signal: Waveform: Square wave; Amplitude: 0.5V �2%; Frequency: 1 kHz �2%/Standard Accessories: Instrument ST-16B, Manual

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Country of Origin:India
Product Dimension:196 x 140 x 290 (D)mm

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